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About Us


Outorder is a venture of YMG Marketing (YMGM). Outorder does not operate expensive showrooms. We have Doorstep Delivery,  Outorder web price stores  (store sells at same price displayed at website) and delivery people and direct warehouse pickup. All concept is based on to reduce the final price of a product. The concept outorder surrounding through a common fact that “a customer needs a best product for the least cost and  don’t care how they get it.

In 2009 we thought of a concept called outorder. Watching the trends in the market and vision of future, We started our operation in 2010 from Dubai, Middle East’s marketing hub. We started selling good quality at lower prices aimed at fulfilling our slogan “Delivering Happiness’

Now we operate Mainly from Dubai, UAE, with representative office in Boston, USA and recently started delivery in Saudi Arabia with a representative office Registered in Riyadh as Outorder Trading Est.

Customers started outordering from us what they find at higher prices at traditional sales channels . Our slogan  Buy “better, faster Cheaper relates to quality of product and service, speed of fulfillment and less price more value . We aimed at building a trust, socially responsible attitude and a new way delivering what we call it as “Delivering Happiness”

Few things you might need to know about us:

What is Outorder and outorderworld.com [OWO]

Outorder is consultative factory direct seller. We avoid all channels which finally increase price of the product we sell. We are direct to customer. We sell everything from foods to fashions, Gadgets to garments to Electronics to computers sports and outdoors. Ourorderworld.com is the home page where you connect to all outorder stores.


Outorder online store is now owodirect.com is middle East's first full functional online store OWODIRECT caters to the direct home delivery for our customers at 33% cheaper than market price for most of items. buy from owo's online store is better,faster and cheaper. right now we operate in UAE and saudi Arabia direct delivery to home and offices mostly in slected cities and expanding within 5 years to cover most of GCC area. 


Why outorder

Order it from where you can get it for less. Our name suggests what we are for. We thought of future. We see the trends and we find out the need of future. Customer looks for a solution to their need at right price; need expert consultant whenever they decide to buy a product or service. Outorder is this expert who will provide you what you are looking for. When an end user confused about their buying decisions, we have consultative selling for every product irrespective of  it’s price. When there are thousands of similar product in the market where you cannot choose unless your very informed, so you ca n trust we are very informed we help you to choose right products. Looking Our quality rating chart. You can make a right purchase.


OWO : stands for Outorderworld  OWO displays our Logo and identifies outorder stores in every location that we sell at web price

Towards  Better,Faster, Cheaper

Buy better - Quality (every product meets a minimum quality standard)

We were and been researching and applying method to fulfill quality needs of customers. Outorder stocks/ sell product which meets a minimum quality requirement. A product is properly researched and verified for quality by a team of experts before it is sold through outorder channels. Outorder expert rating (OWO Review) is a rating by group of experts about the value of a product against it’s price.


Buy Faster - Speed

Fast is one part of our slogan. We are mastering at fast of fulfillment. Presently we have dedicated delivery service including Cash On Delivery, pick from our web price outlet (called order stores) . In next five years we are aiming fastest fulfillment methods. Our call us for demo is very useful for first time buyers for newly introduced products to have exact idea before a decision to buy. Most of the products we have free shipping.

Buy at cheaper- Price:

Our price always kept in the lowest level. This is achieved through direct factory sourcing and a researched buying most of our products are sourced directly from factory  our sourcing team always research to get lowest price to our customers.


At out order world we believe that our success is largely due to our obsession with providing our customers a memorable online and Door shopping experience. Be it our path-breaking services like Cash on Delivery,  3 days refund policy or  30-day replacement policy, free shipping - and of course the great prices that we offer. Then there's our dedicated Outorder delivery team works round the clock to personally make sure we are delivering Happiness. For now at present we  deliver in two countries In UAE, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah Only)

What We Believe In

ü  Quality should be affordable and it's need of future

ü  here is huge scope for technology implementation in retailing technology makes the shopping affordable and fun Customers are our greatest asset

ü  Providing great support with every product is a must

ü  Feedback makes us and our products better

We are expanding ..... Need you suggestion Please email to support@outorderworld.com